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Kayaking and Canoeing Assocation Affiliated Distrect Unites

  1. Kayaking & Canoeing Association Alappuzha
  2. Kayaking & Canoeing Association Kollam
  3. Canoeing & Kayaking Association Thrissur
  4. Canoeing & Kayaking Association Thiruvananthapuram
  5. Canoeing & Kayaking Association Kottayam
  6. Kayaking & Canoeing Association Ernakulam
  7. Canoeing & Kayaking Association Kozhikode
  8. Canoeing & Kayaking Association Pathanamthitta
  9. Canoeing & Kayaking Association Wayanad
  10. Kayaking & Canoeing Association Palakkad
  11. Kayaking & Canoeing Association Malappuram
  12. Kayaking & Canoeing Association Kannur
  13. Kayaking & Canoeing Association Kasaragode
  14. Kayaking & Canoeing Association Idukki


Since time immemorial, man has derived immense pleasure from swimming. Over a period of time it has given shape to some more exciting concepts about water sports such as & Canoeing which has now gained popularity throughout the world. The present day Canoes and Kayaks used in Olympics today are the improved versions of original log canoes which were used for fishing and transportation in the ancient times. To describe briefly, a Canoe is an open boat which is normally paddled with a kneeling position and is always propelled by a single blade paddle while the Kayak is a light decked craft paddled from a seating position and propelled with a double blade paddle.

Today Kayaking & Canoeing is the fast growing competitive and recreational sport in the world which has 16 medals at Olympics and 35 medals at the Asian Games at stake. ICF has the following canoe and kayaking disciplines out of which Slalom alone has 4 Olympic medals versus hockey and football which has one medal each. We are now in the Priority List of Sports disciplines of the Government of India based on our performance during Asian Games 2006 in Doha.

Flat Water – Olympic and Asian Games discipline Slalom – Olympic and Asian Games discipline

Marathon – World and Asian Championship Wild Water Kayaking & Canoeing – World and Asian

Championship Canoe Sailing – World and Asian Championship Canoe Polo – World and Asian

Championship Rafting – World and Asian Championship Dragon Boat Racing – World and Asian

Championship Sea Kayaking – World and Asian Championship Water Touring – World and

Asian Championship Water Surfing – World and Asian Championship

Canoeing is a young sport in India which started only in 1986, under the SAI Special Area Games (SAG) two Water Sport Centre were established in Alleppey and Port Blair because of the locals are natural paddlers.

Slalom Academy

There has been a very important landmark in which the International Canoe Federation (ICF) Slalom Committee has agreed to set up the Asian Slalom Academy on the Yamuna River at Kalsi in Uttarakhand. This will have International infrastructure where training for Coaches and Athletes will be imparted with the help of ICF.
The National Championships are held regularly. Recently the XIXth Championship was organized at Bangalore (Karnataka) from 15th to 19th December, 2008 for sub-junior, juniors and seniors both men and women. Approximately, 810 officials and participants from 31 States/Affiliated Units took part.

Rafting & Dragon Boat

We have also been having regularly the National and Asian Rafting and Championships at Shivpuri (Uttaranchal).
Asian Championships In the Asian Canoe Championships we have been regularly winning medals in juniors. In the Wild-Water and Asian Championship for seniors, we are very near in breaking the Medals winning performance. Army and Para Military Forces have been actively associated with the training of athletes, BEG, Roorkee, EME Secunderabad, MEG Bangalore, CRPF Chandigarh / Bhopal etc.

Youth Employment

Our discipline is not only the fastest growing sport and it is both competitive and recreation & tourism oriented which results in youth employment which we have provided in Shivpuri on the Ganges in Uttaranchal where we have now launched an International Centre for Slalom, White Water Rafting & Wild Water Kayaking for which we need your support.

International Exposure

What we have been able to achieve on our own is that because of our credibility with the International Canoe Federation and the Asian Canoe Confederation where our President is the Vice-President and the Coordinator, we are now helping in launching Kayaking & Canoeing in Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Maldives and Bangladesh so that we can bring this discipline into the SAF Games and now Pakistan has requested us to hold competitions with the Punjab Games which we have agreed to and have advised the Punjab Olympic Association accordingly.

What we are planning to achieve in the future perhaps will be a milestone whereby we plan to bring world class Champions from Europe to train in India during the winter months in which we have presently selected Bhopal as the Centre where they have already acquired International Standard equipment which came with the National Games in Hyderabad and with that we now plan to have teams from Germany – World and Asian Championship. Hungary and other European countries to come and train during winter months in our Flat Water Courses including Slalom Course Centers for which they have to go to other warmer countries and the President of ICF has already approved our location which will bring a new thrust to our sport in the country.

We have also brought collaboration for manufacture of International quality Kayaking and Canoeing boats which are now being made in Pune and already export of these boats have started. Because of our President’s connections with the former Ambassador of Hungary in India, His Excellency Dr. Andras Balogh who is now the Principal Advisor to the Prime Minister of Hungary, we have requested that India and Hungary should be partner countries in sports as they get every year Gold Medals and can adopt India for our Sport.


Water sports has been world over favorite with general public and the National and International competitions/championship are extensively covered by Media both print media and TV. Due to long distance covered the exposure is also for a long duration. In fact, all over the world many business houses have adopted sponsorships not only for the teams but also have been sponsoring national and international competitions. In India too this could be exploited as it gives adequate coverage and mileage for the sponsors. During the International competitions like ASIAD/Olympics, Kayaking & Canoeing disciplines have the maximum spectators and are covered internationally by media both print and TV throughout the duration of the competitions which is around five to six days from morning till evening.


The sports could get the mileage in the following manner:-
a) Sponsors name being given to various levels of competitions.
b) The kit of the team could have the sponsors Logo.
c) Posters/Banners/Press Conference; sponsors name being highlighted.
d) During the competitions, the sponsor’s posters could be pasted on the boats/rafts.
e) Souvenir brought out during the competitions would have prominent place of the sponsors.
f) All the stationery and other material provided for competitions/championships would have sponsors logo.

As you are aware, huge amount of financial sport is required for making a world level champion, countries spend billions of dollars in broad basing coaching, foreign exposure, equipment, maintenances, infrastructure etc to take the advantage.

Funds required are requested for :

a) Broad basing involves registration of potential from all over the country.
b) Providing of infrastructure.
c) Training of coaches.
d) Exposure of teams in other countries.
e) Holding of workshop-cum-clinic in the country.
f) Inviting foreign coaches for technical up gradation of our coaches.
g) Providing logistics to the selected potential.
h) Organizing regional and International level Competitions.
j) Publishing of coaching material.
k) Sponsoring of candidates for attending International seminars/ workshops etc.

A presentation can be organized at your convenience to discuss various matters of the subject.

Kerala Kayaking & Canoeing Association

Kayaking is a youthful game in India what began distinctly in 1986, under the SAI Special Area Games (SAG) two Water Sport Center were set up in Alleppey and Port Blair due to local people are normal paddlers.


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