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Visiting, Polo, Sprint, Slalom, Wildwater Racing, Sea Kayaking, Canoe Sailing, and Marathon are on the whole under the one umbrella of Indian Canoeing. Educators ought to know about the various controls as understudies may need data on a specific order which intrigues them.

Sprints (Kayaking & Canoeing)

Kayak run happens on a flatwater course and races are challenged by two kinds of boat, kayak (C) and kayak (K). In a kayak, the paddler contends in a stepping position utilizing a solitary sharp edge paddle, rather than the twofold bladed oar utilized in a sitting situation in a kayak. At worldwide level the control is contended at four good ways from 200m to 5000m, both exclusively and in groups of up to four. Each order is classified by boat type, number of contenders per boat, sex, and race distance, which means the case of C2M 500m is the kayak male pairs 500m.


Kayak Slalom started in Europe. Albeit not a huge piece of cutthroat kayaking in India, Slalom has arrived at a decent norm. Indian Championships are held in an alternate express each year on a cyclic premise, except for South India because of its absence of whitewater. The consideration of Slalom in the Barcelona and Atlanta Olympics has affected the improvement of Slalom and has help lift the norm in India.

Slalom courses are commonly around 500 meters in length and comprise of good white water with 25 doors suspended from wires across the waterway. A door is a couple of shafts hanging around 1 meter separated and should be haggled in either the upstream or downstream course contingent upon the shade of the posts. Upstream entryways have red and white posts, though downstream doors have green and white shafts.

Every contender’s’ time is recorded for the course and 5 second punishments are added to the ideal opportunity for each door which was hit by the paddler, and 50 seconds added for each entryway missed or erroneously arranged. Along these lines the pith of the game is to arrange the course of doors in the right grouping without hitting the shafts as quick as could be expected. This requires an extraordinary level of expertise and wellness.

The kayaks and kayaks which have advanced for kayak Slalom are truly flexibility, and are low in profile. This permits the finish of the boat to pass under the posts with less possibility of striking the shaft and causing a punishment.

Canoe Polo

Kayak Polo is a quick energizing group activity which has likewise evolved kayaks explicitly intended for the order. The kayaks utilized are around 3 meters in length with adjusted closures and are alluded to as polo BAT’s’ (Baths Advanced Trainer). Guards bow and harsh secure the players and their boats.

Dragon Boat Race

Winged serpent boat dashing is a kayak sport, and started as a cutting edge global game in Hong Kong in 1976.  It is a race over an unmistakably characterized unhampered course in the most limited conceivable time. There are two classes that contend in this control, 10-seater and 20-seater alluding to the quantity of paddlers in the boat. Paddlers sit in twos one next to the other and utilize a solitary bladed oar. The two classes will likewise have a drummer and a steerer, with everyone in the boat rowing to the beat of the drum.

A mythical serpent boat is a human-fueled watercraft beginning from the Pearl River Delta district of China’s southern Guangdong Province. The game of mythical serpent boat dashing has its foundations in an old people custom of battling townspeople, which goes back 2000 years all through southern China, and surprisingly further to the first rounds of Olympia in old Greece. Both mythical serpent boat hustling and the old Olympiad included parts of strict observances and local area festivities, alongside contest.

Present day winged serpent boat hustling is coordinated at the global level by the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF), the world administering body for the sport. The International Canoe Federation (ICF) likewise has a mythical beast boat program for those of its Member Canoe Federations with an interest in mythical serpent boat. Both Sport and Festival dashing are cutthroat and numerous paddlers train throughout the entire year, utilizing rowing machines or pools notwithstanding on-water meetings


Boating and wilderness boating are sporting open air exercises which utilize an inflatable pontoon to explore a waterway or other waterway. This is regularly done on whitewater or various levels of harsh water.

Sea Touring

In spite of the fact that Sea Touring had been polished for a long time, and had its own honors in Indian Canoeings first public honor conspire, a different advisory group was not shaped until 1980. Presently Sea Kayaking has an enormous number of fans India wide and like different features of the game, has gotten exceptionally particular. The assortment of Sea Kayaking accessible all through India is gigantic.


India has numerous long streams appropriate for Marathon kayaking. The Ganga River is host to likely the most well known Indian long distance race occasion. Consistently, reserves are raised for the Red Cross by the Ganga Marathon. India is at the cutting edge in serious long distance race.

Kerala Kayaking & Canoeing Association

Kayaking is a youthful game in India what began distinctly in 1986, under the SAI Special Area Games (SAG) two Water Sport Center were set up in Alleppey and Port Blair due to local people are normal paddlers.


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